"Before I started coming to WILLPOWER, I was both slightly daunted by the prospect of entering unknown territory and sceptical about the concept of achieving any positive changes in 2 sessions a week - I needn't have been. After a few months I have kept with it, and feel stronger as well as developing a body awareness that translates into even the most mundane day-to-day activities like shopping and sitting at my desk. The sessions are encouraging without being too pushy and its always fun, amazingly." 

Samantha Briggs, Brighton


Ive been working with Will for a few months in his gym and I really enjoy my training. I needed help changing my stagnant lifestyle and fighting my laziness and complete lack of motivation. Every session is a learning curve but highly rewarding, focussing on every aspect of the training.. building muscles, cardio exercise and stretching.. and also other general aspects like what I eat, sleeping patterns, life style and so on.. I'm so grateful for his help and his patience, always smiling and funny even on the hardest days. He was my first PT ever and he makes everything look easy. I really recommend him! Thanks Will

John Staines, Seaford


When I met Will over a year ago and needed a PT to help me train for my first half marathon, as a smoking asthmatic I thought the chances of achieving this goal were slim. With the training regime and support Will offered in our sessions I managed to not only finish the half marathon in a good time .I have with his help maintained a better level of health  and fitness. Will is currently helping me train again for the Brighton Half marathon in February . I cant recommened his firm yet fun apprach to fitness and training enough!!

Collette Newbound, Brighton


I needed help desperately I was overweight and extremely unhappy in myself and my life, until I met Will . WILLPOWER is a very appropriate name for his business as that's exactly what training with him gives me, I am now looking forward to showing off the amazing body I am aquiring training with Will this summer....Look out ladies.

Simon, Rottingdean